"punch-biopsy" tools

"punch-biopsy" tools


How a scalp biopsy for hair loss performed...

1. A board-certified dermatologist should first find an area of the scalp that represents the hair loss.

2. A circle is made around the area about 4mm in diameter.

3. The area is cleaned with antimicrobial agents then the area is numbed with a local anesthetic.  

4. A 4 mm "punch-biopsy" is performed and the instrument is rocked back a forth a bit to take a 2-3mm depth of scalp. Then the skin is cut at the base.  

5. The sample is sent the the pathologist and the area on the scalp is sutured closed. The suture is removed a couple weeks later at which time your dermatologist will discuss your biopsy results with you.

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