Hair Loss in Houston

Hair Loss in Houston

hair LOSS

There are many different types of hair loss in both men and women.  It is very important that a board-certified dermatologist evaluate your scalp and your hair before you undertake any treatments.  Our dermatologists are experts in hair loss in Houston, Texas, and they can help find the best treatment approach.

When you see your board-certified dermatologist, she or he will first ask about the details of your hair loss and do a thorough examination of your scalp.  If needed, bloodwork might be checked to rule out underlying conditions.  In addition, in certain situations a scalp biopsy may be necessary.

Once your dermatologist has determined which type or types of hair loss you have, a tailored treatment plan will be made for you.  This plan may include topical medications, oral medications, steroid injections, or platelet rich plasma therapy.   If you are interested in PRP for Hair loss as then please schedule an appointment

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