As we age, we naturally lose fat, and our bone structure changes with time.  This results in hollows, dark circles, fine lines, and deeper folds.

Fillers are injectable treatments that help to diminish lines and folds, add volume and fullness, and restore youth to a naturally aging face. Dermal fillers can be used to correct these changes, and they are used to treat everything from hollows in the cheeks to wrinkles around the mouth.  

There are many different types of procedures available, and each treatment can be completely customized to each individual patient.  Meet the cosmetic team at Village Dermatology who have the expertise and experience to determine which is appropriate for you.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

What can I expect from a filler treatment?

In the right hands, filler looks very natural, and a treatment results in a more refreshed appearance, making you look more like your favorite photos from years back.  It is possible to overdo filler, which is why it is important to select your injector and office very carefully.  At Village Dermatology, we believe in a natural result, and we will not "overdo" treatments or make people look "frozen."  It is difficult to say how much filler is needed for a full correction without meeting someone in person.  Schedule a consultation to determine if filler is appropriate for you and to develop a treatment plan. 


Does it hurt?

Most patients report a very mild discomfort similar to what is noted with other needle injections.  Certain areas, such as around the mouth, are more uncomfortable than others.  Local numbing medication may be used to ease the discomfort, and topical cream or ice is often applied to diminish the needle sensation.  Overall it is an extremely well-tolerated procedure with very little downtime.


What will I look and feel like afterwards?

Sometimes patients will become a little red, both from the topical numbing cream applied and from the treatment itself.  To ensure an even correction, the nurse injector will massage the treated areas, and this can results in a mild temporary redness of the skin.  Bruising can happen with any injection, and it is a fairly common reported side effect.  For this reason, we recommend patients avoid a treatment immediately before a special event.  However, you should not have to take time off from work, as most bruising is easily covered with makeup.  Also, a temporary amount of minimal to moderate swelling can occur following treatment, and it should resolve fairly quickly.  Contact the office if swelling persists.  It is very normal to have some tenderness at the treated sites for a few days.  This tenderness is usually very mild and extremely tolerable.  

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