Telemedicine for select patients

1. Setup your Televisit and technical questions

Your doctor has to first determine you are eligible for a televisit and you have to know if your insurance allows televisits at all.

Click here for trouble shooting an IT issue

2. Choose a Device

Patients then need to download the telemedicine app to their phone

Technical Support section

Open the app 5-10 minutes prior to your visit time with the provider since they may be with another patient. You may send text messages to the provider via the app

3. Enter the Waiting Room

Please type in/put the correct "Virtual Waiting Room Code/URL" into the app. 

For Dr. Neda Nosrati the location is


For Dr. Reena Jogi the location is


If you are unable to connect properly with the provider, then usually the provider will convert the visit to a Klara portal visit which involves a non-insurance covered fee or just schedule you for a usual in-office visit.