Studies have indicated that high glycemic index foods (carbohydrates) may worsen acne. This is a controversial topic. But if a patient would like to try diet therapy, listed below are some foods that should be avoided or limited. Please note that following this type of diet should not mean you starve yourself.  Eat plenty of lean meats and freshly cooked vegetables:



Chocolate- all forms including cola drinks, cocoa, etc.

Nuts- especially peanuts, Brazil nuts, coconuts. Almonds and walnuts can be eaten in moderation.

Dairy- avoid whole milk and 2% butterfat milk. You can drink up to two glasses of skim milk per day. Avoid sour cream, whipped cream, butter, margarine (moderation), rick cheeses, charp cheeses, ice cream.

Fatty Meats- lamb, pork, hamburgers, steaks. French fries should be avoided.

Spicy Foods- spicy sauce, catsup, chili, pizzas.