Sulfur has been used for medicinal purposes since the time of Hippocrates when it was used to treat the plague.  Sulfur has been used for many years for many dermatological skin conditions. It has mild antiseptic, antiparasitic, anti-acne, and anti-seborrheic properties. The uses of sulfur include acneseborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, scabies, and tinea versicolor. 


 Name Manufacturer

 Avar Cleanser Sirius

 Avar Gel Sirius

 Avar Green Gel Sirius

 Clenia Foam Washing Upsher-Smith

 Clenia Eomllient Cream Upsher-Smith

 Klaron Lotion Dermik

 Novacet Lotion Genderm

 Plexion Cleanser Medicis

 Plexion Cleansing Cloth Medicis

 Plexion TS Suspension Medicis

 Plexion SCT Cream Medicis

 Rosac Cream Stiefel

 Rosnil Cleanser Galderma

 Rosula Aqueous Cleaner Doak

 Rasula Aqueous Gel Doak

 Sulfacet R Lotion Dermik