types of hair loss

There are many types of hair loss, and only board-certified dermatologists are educated in differentiating among these types.  Often times we see patients who have tried treatments or have had an evaluation elsewhere only to find they have been misdiagnosed.  This can be costly and very distressing.  The safest route is to have your Houston hair loss experts see you for an evaluation.  

Hair loss can be scarring or non-scarring.  Scarring alopecias, or scarring hair loss, is characterized by inflammation that leads to permanent destruction of the hair follicles.  This can lead to permanent hair loss if not diagnosed and treated early on.  Sometimes, even with proper management and treatment hair loss can progress.

Non-scarring alopecia, or non-scarring hair loss, usually does not have any inflammation, and there is no destruction of the hair follicle.  We can often determine the type of hair loss based on the distribution.  

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